KRX-SKT-4181 Krux DLK Trucks K5 Black Widow Standard Black 8.5in

108.00 лв.

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цената е за комплект от 2 броя

Best stock cushions in skateboarding. Awesome turn and the smoothest grind.

Krux is the skateboard truck company that’s all about fun. So leave your attitude at the door cause these ain’t your daddy’s trucks!

Krux have a big oval hole in the hanger which makes them lighter and very recognizable. World’s Best Stock Cushions! From hot dogs to polka dots, Krux specialize in crazy graphics and wild colours. Krux was established in 1989 and is currently brand managed by Ron Whaley and team managed by Cairo Foster.

Weird, wacky innovation from the product as well as the team!

Deck Width* Krux
7.35 – 7.85 7.6
7.75 – 8.25 8
8.00 – 8.50 8.25
8.25 – 8.75 8.5
8.75 – 10.40 9